Superstructure – Owens House Build Wanaka

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What is a ‘superstructure’ you ask? The superstructure is a term used for the part of the building that comes after the substructure, or foundations. This is the stage in which the house takes its physical shape or form, for the first time allowing you to walk through and get a real feel of the size of your rooms.

With the help of a hi-ab crane our wall frames were lifted into place, then secured to the concrete slab, plumbed, braced and straightened. Next the hySPAN LVL (laminated veneer lumber) rafters – which span an impressive 7.2 metres – were placed and secured allowing us to see the finished roof height.

Moving to the bracing elements, plywood ‘rigid air barrier’ was applied to the exterior structure and plywood sarking to the roof structure, before the roofing iron was installed. In addition to enhancing the bracing and increasing the overall building strength, the plywood also assists in noise reduction.

When building, it’s not only on site that the hard work is being done, decisions on interiors make for nightly conversation. As we finalise our timber flooring and work through the finer details of the cabinetry and joinery, we are making progress… but there is still quite a list to work through!