Insulation – Owens House Build Wanaka

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Entering the new year we have block walls, gib board and colour swatches on the brain, but let’s take a step back…

Insulation is an important part of any build in Central Otago and we have been very selective with our product choices with the aim of creating a high performing energy-efficient home.

In both the walls and ceilings we chose an insulation product from Terra Lana – this wool-blend insulation has many benefits and is a great product to work with. To seal the interior of the home, INTELLO was installed over the top as an airtightness and vapour stop barrier. INTELLO seals in the warmth in winter and reduces or stops the penetration of moisture into roofs/walls, and in summer facilitates drying out. As pictured a further layer of Terra Lana insulation follows before the gib.

On the floor, timber battens were laid on the concrete slab then rigid foam board insulation was placed between and topped with particleboard. Later an overlay of oak timber flooring will provide the finished floor.

Outside, the cedar cladding paired with the masonry veneer cladding is a stunning contrast of materials. We eagerly await the construction of the courtyard walls which will allow us to visualise our outdoor spaces and start planning these. Watch this space.